How To

A notice is attached to the fence beside the Hot Tub outlining the main safety guidelines for safe usage.  Please read this and the Hot Tub Safety information in the 'Please Read' section.

  • Cover Lifter - lift the cover up and place it gently across the middle bar. Stand on the floor bracket and pull the bat across to swing the cover off the hot tub.   How To Use
  • Control Panel - there are only 2 buttons of interest.  The 'jets' button cycles through auto/low/high/off.  Once on they run for 15 minutes.  You can start them for another 15 minutes by pressing the button again.
  • Jets Knobs - jets can be turned on/off by gently turning them 1/4 turn, or by using the 3 control knobs at the top of the spa
  • Problems -
    • no jets - check that the knobs are in the 'on' position
    • if too many people use the hot tub at one time (4 recommended), then too much water can be displaced and the water level falls too low.  The spa will display an 'Priming Failed' error message and disable the jets.  Please call to have the spa reset.
By Taxi
  • Davie Kerr (Kilbirnie): 07575 594064
  • Premier Taxi (Beith): 01505 681122
  • Alpha Taxis (Johnstone): 01505 323111
By Car
  • to Largs
  • to Glasgow
  • to Loch Lomond
  • to Edinburgh
By Train
  • to Glasgow
By Bike
  • to Lochwinnoch
  • to Auchengree 
  • to Bridge of Weir
  • lighting
    • mood lighting - the remote control allows you to change the colour and behaviour of the LED mood lighting.  If the on/off button on the controller doesn't do anything check the main led light switch at the rear of the pod.
    • dimmer - a dimmer on/off switch located at the double bed controls the main lights, with an on/off at the front.
    • outside - the outside light switch is at the front of the pod
  • hob - electric induction hob.  Switch on, select which zone you want to use and then select the power level.  Possible problem.... display shows 'Lo'  This shows that the child lock has been activated.  Press and hold the lock button to deactivate.
  • doors - thumb turn locks give the front doors keyless exit in any emergency.  Please be aware of wind and take care not to allow the doors to swing open.
  • fire pit
    • logs and charcoal are available to buy subject to availabiliy.  Logs £6 per bag, Charcoal £6 per bucket. Please contact to request.
    • The fire pit/bbq must only be used in the designated areas
    • bbq utensils are provided.  Please clean and return to the bbq case for the next guests.
    • s'mores packs - marshmallows and biscuits, are also available
  • garden
    • the pod field is enclosed but please respect other pod users and keep dogs under control
    • please keep all gates closed
    • grass maze - the grass maze is located in the front field.  Access via the gate across the driveway
    • river - the river runs along the boundary at the far end of the back field.  A wooden gate allows access.  Always close the gate as sheep and cows are often in the adjoining field
  • wildlife - keep your eyes and ears open.  Roe deer are frequent guests, as are hedgehogs and foxes.  (Please do not feed foxes as they are not like urban foxes.  We need to keep them wary of humans for the safety of our chickens)  You will also hear the familiar twit twoo of the tawny owls, and the less  common screeching of the barn owls.  Woodpeckers, nuthatches, woodcock and pheasants are also to be seen.